Тесты по английскому языку по теме здоровый образ жизни

«Здоровый образ жизни»
тест по английскому языку (9, 10, 11 класс) на тему

Здоровый образ жизни человека – говоря эту фразу, мы редко задумываемся о том, что же действительно скрывается за этими словами. В целом здоровый образ жизни включает в себя: комплекс оздоровительных мероприятий, который обеспечивает укрепление физического и морального здоровья человека; хорошую гигиену; правильное питание; отказ от любых вредных привычек; закаливание.


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Healthy living guide.

Health dieting Eating wholemeal bread Eating high fibre food Eating low fat food. exercising

Руководство по здоровому образу жизни. Употребление пищи с высоким содержанием клетчатки. Употребление в пищу продуктов с низким содержанием жира. Физические упражнения. Употребление в пищу цельно-зернового хлеба. Диета. Здоровье.

Do you know that only 13 % of the population smoke in the USA, but in Russia – more than 76 %. 400.000 people die in Russia every year as a result of smoking. Smoking is a serious risk. Think twice before starting.

Bad habits Environmental influence smoking Physical inactivity Eating sweets Drinking alcohol

BAD HABITS What measures to take against bad habits to put into prison for … to sack from school for … to take money for … to ban… in offices on the underground on buses in TV and radio ads Make (s) … teeth yellow skin unhealthy hair smell clothes smell speech unclear brain center sleep a effect (s) … the whole family the people around you your knowledge your social controls smoking drinking alcohol taking drugs Cause (s)… a cough a headache pneumonia cancer blood disease heart disease brain disease slow reactions loss of memory

Replace the underlined words with antonyms to get correct answer Many people in GB now think less about their health. They eat a lot high -fat food and less fibre. Fat is thought to be the cause of health .

7 смертельных грехов против здоровья. Когда библия зафиксировала 7 смертельных грехов, их не следовало понимать буквально. Мало кто их нас умрёт от гордости, зависти или гнева. Есть однако ,современные грехи, против здоровья, которые на самом деле намного более смертельны. Два из них – ожирение и физическая неактивность — известны с древнейших времен. Они объединились с современными вредными привычками: курением и потреблением большого количества алкоголя, а также с поразительным риском пересыпа и недосыпа, перекусами между основными приёмами пищи и пропусканием завтрака. В комбинации эти вредные привычки могут удвоить шанс умереть или ведут к различным болезням для тех, кто выживет. Конечно, пересып или недосып, перекусы между основными приёмами пищи и пропускание завтрака не настолько смертельны, как ожирение и выпивка. Но они являются показателями опасно хаотического образа жизни. Регулярный образ жизни способствует твоему здоровью. Семи или воьмичасовой сон, ранний подъём, завтрак, здоровая диета и регулярное питание- действительно хороший образ жизни.

7 грехов ожирение физическая неактивность курение потребление большого количества алкоголя пересып,недосып перекус между основными приёмами пищи пропускание завтрака. В комбинации эти вредные привычки могут удвоить шанс умереть или ведут к различным болезням для тех, кто выживет.

SEVEN DEADLY HEALTH SINS When the Bible set down the Seven Deadly Sins they were not meant to be taken literally. Few of us will die of pride envy or anger. There are however modern health sins which are in fast far more deadly. Two of them – obesity and physical inactivity are known from ancient times. They are joined by the modern bad habits: smoking and drinking too much alcohol and the surprising DANGER of sleeping too much or too little eating between meals and skipping breakfast. In combination these poor health habits could double the chance of dying or lead to different diseases for those who survive. Of course sleeping too much or too little snacking and skipping breakfast are not quite as deadly as smoking obesity and drinking.

Healthy living guide From (contain) For Carbohydrates Bread, pasta, cereals, fruits, vegetables (potatoes, cabbage) Give energy Protein Meat, fish, nuts, cheese, milk Helps your body grow and be healthy and give your energy Fat Milk, cheese, butter, meat give your energy Fibre Fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, brown, breads Fills your stomach when you are hungry Vitamins A,B,C,D Fresh fruits and vegetables Help your body be healthy Minerals Fresh fruits and vegetables Help your body be healthy Calcium (Ca) Dairy products (milk, cheese) Strengthens your bones, help your heart work Iron (Fe) Pommes,granattes, green apples, liver, meat help your blood be better

Popular ways to lose weight and avoid gaining it. Cut out snacks and desserts . Eat less of everything . Cut down on fat . Don’t eat at night . Eat more fruit and vegetables . Count calories . Eat less red meat . Use low-calorie foods . Follow a diet .

Good products Garlic prevents heart disease. Apricot is good for your skin. Green tea protects your teeth. Onion is good for your nerves. Eating fish helps to gain strength. Milk strengthens your bones. Banana is good for your muscles. Cabbage may help prevent the development of cancer. Cranberry helps soothe your tired eyes. Carrots are good for your eyesight. Milk is very good for children.

Health quiz 1 What do bad habits make? 2 What disease do bad habits cause? 3 Name please popular ways to lose weight? 4 Name please the 7 worst health habits 5 What beauty products help people look great? 6 How do you take care of your health? 7 What kind of food is useful for health? 8 Name several factors which have an influence on our health? 9 How do you understand this proverb? «Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise » . 10 How to be in good health? 11 Why must we eat vegetables and fruits? 13 What is calorie? 14 What measures does our state take against bad habits?

Answers 1 Bad habits make teeth yellow, clothes and hair smell, skin unhealthy, brain centers sleep, speech unclear. 2 Bad habits cause cancer, heard disease, blood disease, headache, pneumonia, blood disease, brain disease, slow reactions, loss of memory. 3 You must eat low-fat food, more fruit, vegetable, less sweets, do morning exercises, have healthy diet. 4 There are drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol, sleeping too much or too little, snacking and skipping ,physical inactivity. 5.Colgate toothpaste, Nivea cream help us look good. 5 Banana, apricots, cabbage, and other fruit and vegetables. 6 I get up early ,do morning exercises, I wash myself in the morning and in the evening with cold water. I clean my teeth twice a day. I have a healthy diet, I don’t smoke , I eat high fibre food (fruits and vegetables). 7 It is necessary to eat high fibre food, ( fruit and vegetables), whole meal bread ,low-fat food.

Answers 8.First of all it is obesity and physical inactivity. We must not eat a lot, we can’t eat a lot of sugar and sweets.Smoking , drinking much alcohol is not useful for our health.It is bad when we eat at night, don’t follow a diet, cat high-calorie foods and don’t move a lot. 9 I get up early ,do morning exercises, I wash myself in the morning and in the evening with cold water. I clean my teeth twice a day. 10.You must spend a lot of time in the open air. It is useful to go for a walk before going to bed. It is necessary to eat high fibre food, ( fruit and vegetables), wholemeal bread ,low-fat food. 11. We must eat vegetables and fruits because they contain fibre. 12.A calorie is the energy value of food.

Do you care about your health? Helen: I am not going to be a supermodel. But I think it is very important to be fit and look nice. Some firms don’t employ people who are overweight or who are smokers. I agree with that because smoking affects other people’s life, too. I play a lot of attention to my health. I try to eat only low-fat food, more I don’t smoke. I don’t want to have unhealthy skin and teeth. Besides, I have been doing aerobics for a year. I feel great. And all my friends think I look great.

Do you care about your health? Bob: I have no problems with my health though I am a smoker and a bit overweight. I like smoking. It helps me to relax. I have been smoking since I was 12. All my friends are smokers. I don’t want to be the odd one out. I know all the facts, but you only live once, don’t you? So why not enjoy yourself? As for dieting I think it is very dangerous. You are what you are. It is impossible to change. Besides, I like chocolate bars, ice creams and the like, why should I give up such tasty things? Eat only cucumbers? Never! Of course I have some problems with my skin and hair, but I don’t want to change.

Do you care about your health? Katy: I think people should choose for themselves if they want to be healthy – it’s their life, it’s their bodies. There are free to decide. It is not very good to think too much about your appearance but it is good to think about tour health. My friends Willie likes sweets, he is pleasantly fat and I like him, he is very clever. He is good at the computer. And Dennis is very sporty. He has been exercising all his life. He isn’t as clever as Willie but he is nice. I like to have different people with different likes and dislikes as my friends.

People like to think that life was better in the past People like to think that life was better in the past. The air was cleaner, the water was purer, life was safer and, certainly, it was cheaper. But were the good old days really so good? Probably not. Many of today’s problems existed in the past, and there were other problems then that we rarely face today. Pollution was a very important problems for city governments in the 19th century, particularly with regards to water supplies. They had some idea that water could be polluted, but they didn’t know how. Trying to get pure water was a big problems. The cities of the 19th century were dirty. There was a lot of pollution from horses and other animals. And people were careless about throwing out litter. Communicable diseases were a big Problem. There was malaria, cholera, and typhoid. A lot of children died when they were very young. While there were no cars to kill people, there were many fatalities and injuries caused by runaway horses. The old days were not as good as some people think they were good as some people think they were.

Ordinary aspirin is consider to be one of the most popular all-purpose medicines. What is its history and uses? Aspirin is one of the safest and most affective drugs ever invented. Many people take aspirin when they have a headache. It is effective in relieving other pains, too. Aspirin, in short, is truly the 20th among children. It has side effects that although relatively mild, are largely unrecognized among users. Although aspirin was first sold by a German company in 1899, it has been around much than that. Hippocrates, in Ancient Greece, understood the medical value of the leaves and tree bark which today are know to contain calculates , the chemical in aspirin. During the 19th century, there was a lot of experimentation in Europe with this chemical and it led to the development of aspirin. By 1915, aspirin tables were available in the United States. A small quantity of aspirin can relieve minor pain. It also reduces fever by interfering with some of the body’s reactions. Basically, aspirin seems to slow down the formation of chemicals that cause pain and the complex chemical reactions that cause fever. Aspirin is very irritating to the stomach and many aspirin takers complain about upset stomachs. The is a right way and a wrong way to take aspirin. The best way is to chew the tablets before swallowing whet with water, but few people can stand the better taste. Some people suggest crushing the tablets in milk the orange juice and drinking that.

Ordinary aspirin is consider to be one of the most popular all-purpose medicines. What is its history and uses? ( Test) Why is aspirin called the 20th century wonder drug, according to paragraph 1? Only aspirin can help when a headache. Aspirin helps in many when you don’t feel well. Aspirin cam help to cure children of drug poisoning. What does paragraph 2 say about the history of aspirin? People didn’t know about the medical value of aspirin until the 19th century. The medical qualities of the chemical in aspirin were known in ancient times. Aspirin was first produced and used by famous Hippocrates. How does aspirin work, according to paragraph 3? It works against chemical processes that cause pain and fever. It helps to drop the body’s temperature if taken in a small quantity. It slows down all processes in a human organism which is ill. What is bad about aspirin, according to paragraph 4? It is very hard and difficult to chew. It must always be taken with milk. It can make your stomach hurt.

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Здоровый образ жизни человека – говоря эту фразу, мы редко задумываемся о том, что же действительно скрывается за этими словами. В целом здоровый образ жизни включает в себя: комплекс оздоровительных мероприятий, который обеспечивает укрепление физического и морального здоровья человека; хорошую гигиену; правильное питание; отказ от любых вредных привычек; закаливание.

Одним из наиболее важных факторов, которые оказывают влияние на здоровый образ жизни человека – это правильное питание. Еда должна отвечать нескольким требованиям: обеспечивать организм достаточным количеством энергии, питательных веществ, витаминов и минералов. Еда не должна быть избыточной. Тогда избыток будет откладываться «про запас». Также не должно быть недостатка в еде, иначе ухудшится самочувствие человека, упадет скорость мышления, работоспособность, снизится иммунитет.

Наше здоровье помогает нам достигать наших целей, выполнять поставленные задачи. Не зря же мы при встречах с близкими и знакомыми людьми, желаем им здравствовать. Давайте же подружимся со здоровым образом жизни и скажем ему «Здравствуй!»

A healthy lifestyle — saying this phrase, we rarely think about what is really behind these words. In general, a healthy lifestyle includes: set of recreational activities, which ensures strengthening of the physical and moral health; good hygiene; proper nutrition; refusal of bad habits; hardening.
One of the most important factors that influence a healthy lifestyle is keeping a right diet. The food must ensure several requirements: to provide the body with sufficient energy, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Food should not be excessive. Then the excess will be deposited in reserve. Also, there should not be shortage of food, otherwise it will worsen the well-being, decrease the speed of thought, capacity for work and reduce immunity.
Our health helps us to achieve our goals, to live life to the fullest. No wonder that when we meet with friends and acquaintances, we wish them “good health”. Let’s invite into our lives a healthy lifestyle and say “You are welcome!”

Добрый день, дорогие гости и студенты!

Мы рады приветствовать Вас на этом мероприятии. Тема этой декады: Здоровый Образ Жизни. Так как у нас сегодня будет конкурс-олимпиада, соревнование будет проходить не между студентами, а между группами студентов второго и третьего курса.

Давайте поприветствуем: команды «Минералы» и «Витамины»!

На первом этапе участники конкурса-олимпиады должны будут определить наличие указанных витаминов и минералов в данных продуктах, а так же показать свою осведомленность в том, в каких целях они употребляются и для каких органов полезны.

Для второго этапа подготовлен текст с заданиями о Здоровом Образе Жизни – Диета Лео.

На третьем этапе у вас будет аудирование.

И в заключительной четвертой части вас ждет небольшой тест на тему «Рациональное питание».

Мы все желаем вам удачи. Good luck!

Задание в тестовой форме «Рациональное питание».

1 Vitamin A is found in:

a) carrots, fish oil, eggs

b) cherry, orange, lemon

2 What is the English for fat?

3 What vitamin is found in lemon?

4 What vitamins are found in an egg?

a) vitamins D and B

b) vitamins C and E

c) vitamins A and D

5 What is the Russian for ‘vegetables’?

6 Vitamin D is needed for

a) bones and teeth

b) immune system

7) What do we take vitamin E for?

a) to improve poor blood circulation, in treatment of thrombosis, varicose veins

b) to help the body in formation of bones and strong teeth

c) to strengthen nervous system

8 What vitamin is found in fish?

9 Vitamin B is found in

c) liver, egg, milk

10 Vitamin C is needed

a) to improve poor blood circulation, in treatment of thrombosis, varicose veins

b) to increase resistance to infection, helps to recover after illness

c) to strengthen nervous system

11 Calcium is found in

b) milk, cheese, yoghurt

12 What is the Russian for carbohydrates?

Задание в тестовой форме «Рациональное питание».

Количество допущенных ошибок: 0 – 2 3 – 5 6 – 8 более 9

Hot cross buns!
Hot cross buns!
One a penny, two a penny,
Hot cross buns!
If your daughters do not like them
Give them to your sons;
But if you haven’t any of these pretty little elves
You cannot do better than eat them yourselves.

Вот пирожочки
С пылу да с жару!
Пенни за штуку,
Пенни за пару! Купите сыну,
Купите дочке,
Купите своей благородной даме!
А если нету
Ни дамы, ни деток,
То на здоровье скушайте сами.

Задание 1. Расставьте плюсы в тех случаях, если указанный витамин/микроэлемент имеется в данном продукте/употребляется в указанных целях:

Задание 2. Совместите слова и их определения.

Задание 3. Выберите верный вариант ответа и запишите его номер в бланк.(1,2,3.) После выполнения сдайте бланк человеку, сидящему за компьютером.

Задание 4. Просмотрите видео и выберите верный вариант ответа из трех возможных (1,2,3). После выполнения сдайте бланк человеку, сидящему за компьютером.


Контрольная работа по теме «Healthy life style»

Контрольная работа по теме «Healthy life style»

Просмотр содержимого документа
«Контрольная работа по теме «Healthy life style»»

Контрольная работа по теме «Healthy life style»

Прочитайте и переведите текст (письменно). Выполните задание после текста:

When we are ill, we call a doctor. When we have a headache, a stomachache, a sore throat, a cold, or a pain in some parts of the body, we call a doctor. He takes our temperature and our pulse. He examines us and says what the matter is with us. The doctor prescribes medicine, and gives us a prescription. However, if you have burnt or some bad injuries you should stay at home, call to emergency medical aid and just wait it.

If you follow the doctor’s orders, you get better. We must obey the doctor, if we want to get better. If we have a temperature, we must stay in bed and take the medicine he prescribes. If we cannot get better at home, we must go to hospital.

Find these sentences in the text and write them:

Он измеряет нашу температуру; он осматривает нас и говорит в чем дело; если нам не становится лучше; когда мы болеем; надо слушаться доктора; врач выписывает нам лекарства; мы звоним доктору; боль в горле; боли в теле; он выдает нам рецепт.

Определите тип заболевания и дайте совет больному человеку:

If a little boy cut his finger. What he should do?

If person has a sore throat and a bad cough. What he should do?

If the person has a burnt. What he should do?

Задание 3. Переведите слова и выражения на английский язык:


тест по теме Здоровый образ жизни УМК Кузовлева В.П. и др. 8 класс
тест по английскому языку (8 класс)

тест для проверки усвоения лексического материала по теме Healthy lifestyle


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8_diet.docx 12.23 КБ

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Variant 1 Name____________________________

Вставьте слова по смыслу и переведите предложения. Одно слово лишнее: a healthy way of life, used to, overweight, skip meals, give up, junk food.

  1. Today more and more people are ___________________
  1. He has to ____________smoking or it will be too late.
  1. Everyone should lead _________________to keep fit and stay healthy.
  1. _____________ can lead to obesity and other diseases.
  1. Never ______________. It’s a very unhealthy habit.

Variant 2 Name____________________________

Вставьте слова по смыслу и переведите предложения. Одно слово лишнее: lead, follow, promote, diseases, banned, ready meals.

  1. Junk food should be ______________________ at schools.
  1. Nowadays people don’t have time to cook and often buy _____________________.
  1. Unhealthy habits can lead to many____________________________.
  1. Homemade food, enough physical activities and exercises ____________healthy lifestyle.
  1. You should____________a healthy diet if you want to lose weight.

По теме: методические разработки, презентации и конспекты

Этот урок разработан по материалу раздела 4 section V учебника английского языка для 9 класса под ред. Кузовлева В.П. Ведущая цель урока — формирование навыков аудирования. Практические задачи- активи.

Тест на тему «Здоровый образ жизни».

Примертные задания для олимпиады по теме «Здоровый образ жизни».

Представлен тест на тему: » Здоровый образ жизни», он может использоваться для 8-9 классов при подготовке к олимпиаде.

Тест 10 класс по теме: «Здоровый образ жизни».

Тест по ОБЖ. 9 класс.

Раздел программы: «Гимнастика», «Основы знаний» Цель: Приобщить учащихся к регулярным занятиям физическими упражнениями в целях здорового образа жизни. Задачи урока: Оздоровительные · .


Test 15 Здоровый образ жизни
тест по английскому языку (9 класс) по теме

тест для подготовки к ГИА в 9 классе


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giatest15.doc 89 КБ

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Здоровый образ жизни

Раздел 2. (задания по чтению)

  1. Track of your own steps
  2. Dangerous sports
  3. Space sports
  4. How to live longer
  5. Right time for sports
  6. No fast food
  7. Drink more
  8. Quick skater legs

A. The effect of exercise on sleep according to a study published in the February 1997 issue of “Sleep,” exercise enhanced the sleep quality of the older adult participants. Specifically, aerobic exercise can aid sleep by helping you doze off faster and sleep better. But another study, published in the June 2009 “Journal of Sleep and Sleep Disorders Research,” found that sleep didn’t improve with increased exercise. Workouts stimulate you and your metabolism, so avoid exercise right before bed. Consider body temperature as well. A cool body temperature helps to encourage sleep, so allow for a cool-down period well before bedtime. Late afternoon exercise is optimal.

B. Speed skating requires strength, precision, power and quickness. While some sports such as long-distance running require slow, steady muscle contraction, speed skating involves high-speed contractions that are considered explosive or power moves. To get speed skater legs, the Pittsburgh Speed Skating Club recommends a training program including power moves such as bounce jumps, broad jumps and jump thrust squats.

C. The U.S. Surgeon General recommends that healthy adults get 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day. By taking 10,000 steps every day, you can reach this level of activity. A pedometer is an excellent way to track your steps. It also helps establish a baseline for your normal activity level so you know how much more activity you need.

D. Once dieters decide to change their eating habits for weight loss purposes, many focus on solid foods alone. However, the amount of calories you ingest from drinks like soda, fruit juice and alcohol may be the true culprit for excess fat storage. Making simple changes to your beverage consumption habits may be the ticket to losing unwanted body fat. Good old-fashioned water is one of the best drinks to help you lose body fat. Not only is it usually free and helps cleanse toxins out of your body, but it may also help to boost your metabolism. You should drink at least six to eight glasses a day. Try adding a splash of lemon or lime to give it a zesty flavor.

E. Astronauts must maintain their physical fitness levels while they work aboard the International Space Station. Exterior equipment maintenance and repair may require energy-sapping spacewalks; astronauts must also be prepared to execute physically taxing emergency landing operations aboard their transport vehicles. At the same time, astronauts lose bone and muscle mass while they live in a gravity-free environment. A well-structured exercise program provides the astronauts with the best chance to maintain physical readiness.

F. A 2007 study in the “Journal of the American Medical Assosciation” found that people who exercise regularly live longer due to a number of factors. According to Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, head of the department of kinesiology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, individuals who are middle-aged have an average muscle mass loss of approximately 1 percent per year. Strength training offsets this muscle loss later in life, translating to fewer falls, which is among the leading causes of death in the elderly. A 2009 study in the “American Journal of Neuroradiology” found that older individuals who exercise at least 180 minutes per week for 10 consecutive years also have brain blood vessel activity similar to that of younger individuals, providing neurologic longevity.

G. On your journey to health and well-being, there may come a point when you cannot exercise. For example, you may need a workout break or suffer an illness or injury. Fortunately, while you are recoverring, you can stay fit by avoiding the consumption of bad foods, like donuts and cheeseburgers. While this may sound easy, fast food restaurants are located on every corner and avoiding unhealthy foods is a challenge. However, not eating bad foods may help keep you in shape until you can hit that treadmill again.


тест на тему «Здоровый образ жизни»
тест по английскому языку (8 класс) на тему

Тест на тему «Здоровый образ жизни»


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Healthy living guide

1 .Health 2. dieting 3. eating high fibre food

4. smoking 5. envy 6 . to double the chance of

7 .to survive 8. obesity 9. to promote health

10 .exercising 11. nutritious 12. the main meal

13 . crisps 14. to ban 15 .to apply equally

16 . extra 17. to soothe 18. eating sweets

19. to consume 20. low fat food 21. wholemea l bread

22. a sin 23. brain disease 24. eat less of everything

25 . Joined by 26. follow a diet 27. to mix into

2.Match the numbers and the letters.

1. nutritious a. to make

2. to protect b. good food

3 .to operate c. medicine

4 .to cook d. to use

5 .to consume e. to defend

6 .remedy f. to control

3.Fill in the active words .

1. The balanced … is when you eat often and not much.

2 . You … weight when you overweight.

3. A … bit of nicotint kills a horse , you should not keep it as pet.

4. People think of keeping … when there is nothing to keep.

5. An apple a day keeps doctor …

4 .Choose and fill in the correct words from the box.

1. calories/ vegetables/ meats/ mass

2. protein /food rich / energy rich

3. footballers / bodybuilders /tennis players / boxers

1. People who go in for sports need a lot of …

2. So their daily diet should contain … food .

3. Specialists say that when weight –lifters , . and athlets burn a lot of calories they should supply their bodies with the same amount of them.

1. He felt ill yesterday .

3 .I am sea –sick .

5. Not so well ,I am sorry to say .

Healthy living guide

1. volume 2. Jacket potato 3. Physical inactivity

4.smoking 5. High fibre food 6. A balanced diet

7. health 8. To survive 9.to cut out snacks

10.eyesight 11.root vegetables 12.the main mea

13.a sin 14.eat less red meat 15. Loss of memory

16.smoking 17. To shake 18. To take measures

19. to gain 20.drinking alcohol 21. Eating sweets

22. crisps 23. To consume 24. To promote health

25.to ban 26. To mix into 27. Salted peanuts

2.Match the numbers and the letters.

1. to apply a. components

2. ingredients b. to start

3. to begin c. to use

4. popular d. to look nice

5. to look great e. famous

6.to defend f. to protect

3.Fill in the active words.

1. Good … is above wealth .

2. Many people in GB now think … about their health .

3. Special food with more … for slimmers is produced now in GB .

4. People believe that they should exercise … not to be fat .

5.You … weight when you overweight .

4. Choose and fill in the correct words from the box.

1. gain/ reach / supply / grow

2.oil / butter / fat

3. power / strength /volume / energy

1. Then bodybuilders’ muscles will … volume .

2. The sportsmen’s diet must include proteins , vitamins . and minerals .

3. These components help them to reproduce … and promote growth .


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